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Soothe Headaches with Chiropractic Treatments

Soothe Headaches with Chiropractic Treatments
Did you know that you can potentially soothe headaches with chiropractic treatments? At Chiropractic by Thriveology, we help a number of clients with chronic headaches and even migraines. If you are suffering from regular headaches, we can help you too. Here’s a bit of insight that can help you determine if chiropractic care may help with your headache woes.

Painful and Frequent
One of the most common reasons people visit their doctor or primary care physician is frequent and reoccurring headaches. In fact, over 250 million workdays are missed due to headaches and the lost days cost employers over 25 billion a year. That is a lot of pain.

Many of these headaches are seemingly simple but surprisingly painful tension headaches. Migraines are another common but painful occurrence. Other headaches can be caused by sinus infections, high blood pressure, or a number of other troubles. Headaches and migraines, regardless of cause, can be incredibly painful and it can be very frustrating if you suffer from them on a regular basis.

The Problem with Medication
There are a number of very powerful medications available that can mask the pain of headaches and migraines. They can numb your nervous system so that you don’t feel the pain. The issue is that these drugs never really address the cause of the pain. Medications can seem convenient, but some come with alarming side effects while others can cause long-term trouble such as kidney or liver damage. Because they never address the root cause, continued and sometimes increased medication is required to manage the continuing and reoccurring headache pain.

Headaches are Rarely Life-Threatening
Some headaches and migraines are so powerful and painful that sufferers are convinced that something is terribly wrong. However, headaches are associated with an array of health problems and conditions, so determining a cause can be difficult. But, what you may not realize is that headaches are rarely a symptom of something serious or life-threatening.

Many doctors will send their patients for tests, such as CT scans or MRIs and according to one source, only one in 11,200 patients have a problem that can be diagnosed using these tests. Yet, close to a third of migraine and chronic headache sufferers have had a CT scan or MRI to find a cause. Doctors and patients are usually looking in the wrong area to determine the source of the pain. Surprisingly, the source is often not really your head at all.

Your Neck
A frequent cause of many headaches and migraines is really an issue in the neck. Frequently, spinal bones in the neck are not supporting the head properly and this is causing headaches. This issue can affect muscles, nerves, and even the blood supply.

Research has shown that it’s possible to soothe headaches with chiropractic treatments. A majority of headaches and migraines can be relieved when jaw problems and misaligned spinal joints, called subluxations, are corrected using chiropractic methods. Jaw problems and subluxations are common sources of head pain, which stem from irritated nerves.

What Does Chiropractic Care Do?
Chiropractic doctors determine which areas of the spine are not moving correctly and look at your posture, as well as your ability to bend and turn. They also notice how your spine curves to help determine the source or sources of your problem. Chiropractors are trained to notice signs of rare problems that may instead need immediate medical care.

Your chiropractor may create a schedule of adjustments to help with your headaches. These adjustments will improve spinal function, reduce irritation of your nerves, help improve circulation and realign your spine. Chiropractic care is an excellent way to soothe headaches with chiropractic treatments.

What Causes Headaches
Headaches can be caused by a myriad of issues. A headache is a way for your body to signal that something is not quite right. Headaches do not generally occur without cause. They can be the result of excessive eating, drinking, and smoking. Headaches can also occur because your eyes have been strained for long periods of time – how much time do you spend on a computer or texting on your phone? Even your diet can cause headaches. How about poor lighting, loud noises, hunger, air pollutants, strongly scented or off-gassing products, stress, constipation, and infection? Yes, these are all on the list of potential headache causes.

Serious Headaches
Almost everyone has suffered from a headache at one time or another. Some headaches are simply annoying even though they are mild in nature. More serious headaches are intense and frequent and can include additional symptoms such as nausea, severe throbbing, light sensitivity, and irritability. Such severe headaches can be debilitating and are often referred to as migraines.

Migrain headaches can affect bodily functions and your vision. They can be responsible for personality and mood changes, even cause pain and uncomfortable sensations elsewhere in the body. Americans spend millions of dollars to get relief from such terrible headache pain. Migraines are tough for those who suffer from them which is why people are desperate to cure them and come to us to soothe headaches with chiropractic treatments.

How Your Chiropractor Helps You
A chiropractor focuses on alleviating headaches stemming from neuromusculoskeletal (muscles, bones, and nerves in the body) sources of your headaches. After performing a spinal exam to determine if chiropractic care can help, the chiropractic doctor can perform chiropractic adjustments to correct any misaligned vertebrae in the back or neck area.

Specific spinal manipulations can even provide relief immediately. A study of headache sufferers followed 87 participants over a two-year period and revealed great improvement. In 85% of females, common migraines had ceased or were greatly reduced in frequency and 50% of the male participants experienced the same relief. For those with classic frequent headaches, 75% of males and 78% of females were able to soothe headaches with chiropractic treatments.

If you are experiencing frequent headaches or migraines, contact us here for a consultation at Chiropractic by Thriveology in Denver. We can focus on spinal alignment, neck issues and other trouble areas to help soothe headaches with chiropractic care. 

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